Kayla J. Gillan

Kayla J. Gillan

Leader, PwC Investor Resource Institute
Tel: +1 (202) 312 7525

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Kayla Gillan joined PwC as a Principal on June 1, 2011, after a long career dedicated to corporate governance and investor advocacy. Immediately prior to joining the Firm, Kayla served for two years as Deputy Chief of Staff & Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In that role, she coordinated the Commission's rulemaking efforts to implement the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Kayla began her legal career in 1985 at the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). CalPERS is the nation's largest publicly funded retirement plan, with assets valued at over $240 billion and providing retirement and health care benefits to over 1.6 million California public employees, retirees and their families. Kayla spent 16 years working in various legal and executive capacities at CalPERS, including the last six years as its General Counsel. In that role, Kayla oversaw all legal services, an internal audit staff, and led the System's corporate governance program.

In 2002, Kayla was appointed by the SEC as one of the founding members of the newly-created Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). In that capacity, Kayla helped to build from scratch an organization that was created by Congress to oversee the activities of public company auditors. Kayla served two terms on the Board, leaving in 2008 to become chief administrative officer to RiskMetrics Group, Inc. (RMG), a then-newly public company. Kayla left RMG in 2009 to join the staff of the SEC.

When Kayla joined PwC, she led efforts to strengthen the Assurance Practice’s quality-focused culture. In January 2013, she was appointed to lead PwC’s newly-created Investors’ Resource Institute. The mission of the Institute is to add value to investors' decision-making processes by sharing PwC’s insights and educational materials regarding markets, industries and corporate governance.

Throughout her career, Kayla has been a frequent author and speaker on issues involving corporate governance, shareholder rights and responsibilities, and other securities regulatory matters.

Kayla received her undergraduate degree at the California State University in Sacramento, and her juris doctorate at the University of California in Davis.