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Five megatrends and their implications Five megatrends and their implications, investors edition
The concept of megatrends is not new, but megatrends today are more complex and interconnected. They have potential implications on business--now and in the future.

Heard at the forum: Five provocative things Heard at the forum: Five provocative things
In early December, institutional investors and governance specialists got together in New York City at Stanford’s Institutional Investors’ Forum, co-hosted by PwC’s Investor Resource Institute. What are the big issues on investors’ minds?

Point of view: Cash flow reporting - A call to action Point of view: Cash flow reporting - A call to action
Enhancing cash flow transparency will help users better understand a company’s financial health and future prospects, read our Point of View to find out more.

Investor Exchange 2013 highlights Investor Exchange 2013 highlights
Investors are more interested than ever in understanding the risks that today’s companies face, and how they’re managing those risks. Explore insights that were shared at the Investor Exchange 2013 by the panelists and the audience on a range of issues such as global tax policies, technology risks, and megatrends like urbanization and natural resource scarcity.

Demystifying the audit Demystifying the audit
Are a company’s financial statements accurate? Do they conform to accounting standards? The audit, along with the resulting audit opinion, helps readers and users of financial statements answer those questions. But the audit is not a “gold seal” guaranteeing that the financial statements are free from all errors. This Insights for the Investment Community explains what the auditor does, what the auditor does not do, and how to better understand the audit opinion.

Our focus on audit quality Our focus on audit quality
PwC's 2012 audit quality report, describes the actions we have taken, and continue to take, in support of our commitment to performing high-quality audits on a sustained basis - our highest priority.

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