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Disclosure reform

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Can audit committees provide investors with more information about auditor oversight?

What do investors need to know about cybersecurity?

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What do investors think about sustainability issues?

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PwC shares its views on the many issues of interest to the investment community, including industry perspectives, reporting, accounting, auditing, corporate governance and sustainability. Read more

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Sustainability goes mainstream: Insights into investor views

Cash flow reporting - A call to action

Views from the investor community

Understanding investors’ various views is a key objective of the Institute. That’s why we encourage a two-way dialogue with the investment community. It strengthens our relationship with them, and ultimately improves the quality of the services we offer. Read more

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2014 Investor Survey

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New Leader, Center for Board Governance and Investor Resource Institute, PwC

With corporate governance at the forefront, PwC names New York Metro Regional Assurance Leader, Paula Loop, as the new leader of PwC's Center for Board Governance and Investor Resource Institute.

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Paula Loop
Leader, Center for Board Governance and Investor Resource Institute
Tel: +1 (646) 471 1881

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