More than ever, recruiting and retaining employees is critical to business success. Management today has come to recognize the HR function as a key strategic component and contributor to the bottom line. You can further explore all of PwC's publications covering current business issues and industry trends.

PwC 2013 APEC CEO Survey

PwC's report, building on a survey of more than 370 business leaders and interviews from across the region, confirms the necessity of regional cooperation for our companies' futures.

How technology companies can use workforce planning strategies for a smarter business

Technology company CEOs are changing their approach to talent management and retention because they foresee the available qualified talent pool shrinking. Each company must approach talent management that supports its corporate culture and aligns with business objectives.

Talent priorities

Talent continues to top the list of executive concerns. Company leaders are focusing on how talent can help them achieve the following four strategic priorities: power growth, realize ROI, manage risk, and enable transformation.

Global talent mobility

In this edition of 10Minutes we talk to leading edge companies about what is driving new mobility patterns and their current talent mobility practices, both from a short and long-term strategy perspective.

New solutions to close the skills gap

According to PwC’s annual survey of global CEOs, an inability to find enough skilled talent is the number one concern of business executives around the world.

Expanding business in Asia Pacific

As Asia Pacific economies continue their rapid growth and become more deeply integrated, multinational companies are changing how they're expanding in the region for the long-haul--from setting up regional hubs and distribution networks, to developing local talent, to building brand loyalty amongst the region's rapidly growing number of middle class consumers.

Updating flexibility strategies

Employees with access to flexible work arrangements (FWAs) tend to be more satisfied, committed and engaged with their jobs, which leads to increased innovation, quality, productivity, and growth.

Boardroom agenda

In this short report, PwC discusses new governance regulations, new risks, and issues of executive compensation and succession planning.