Anticipating what may be a modest recovery, many business leaders are looking to hold the line on costs while: 1) improving performance effectiveness; 2) maintaining a technological edge; 3) fostering innovation; and 4) developing comprehensive business continuity plans. Additionally, you can explore all of PwC's publications covering current business issues and industry trends.

Resolution planning: Category 3 debrief

The public portion of Category 3 US resolution plans reveal strikingly similar strategies.

Resolution planning: FDIC’s single point of entry

The FDIC's proposal contains little new information, but shines light on the outstanding key issues even if only by its silence.

Service provider transparency

Businesses depend on service providers to handle confidential data, run essential business processes, and manage critical technology. This can leave businesses vulnerable to service provider breakdowns. The result can be the providers’ clients violating regulations and even losing customer trust. Yet many businesses may know less than they realize about their service providers’ controls. This 10Minutes discusses how SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports can give businesses the picture they need to have solid confidence in their service providers.

The mindful CIO

Extend your core applications, data, and infrastructure to better serve the cognitive processes of knowledge workers.

The future of enterprise apps: Moving beyond workflows to mindflows

Empower the human factor through mindful apps.

Technologies that enable mindful apps

Emerging techniques and technologies that enable enterprises to design, develop, and deploy mindful apps.

Transforming the tax function

It’s an opportunity hidden in plain sight. In 10Minutes on transforming the tax function, we discuss how the tax function is often overlooked as an area for improvement, unlike more obvious choices such as supply chain or business services. However, shining a light on the tax group can reveal untapped opportunities where changes in technology, process, people, and data can lead to benefits for the broader business.

Resolution planning: Bail-in debt rule slowly taking form

A bail-in debt proposal is expected from US regulators in the coming months.

Resolution planning: A public peek into the plans

Regulators released the public sections of the 11 Category 1 firms' annual resolution plans.

Strategic supply chain management

New research shows that high-performing supply chains can achieve sales and revenue growth while managing costs. That sounds like a tall order, but there are things you can do now to manage your supply chain as a strategic asset to boost performance and profitability. This 10Minutes highlights how the supply chain can move your business strategy forward and set you apart from the competition.

PwC 2013 APEC CEO Survey

PwC's report, building on a survey of more than 370 business leaders and interviews from across the region, confirms the necessity of regional cooperation for our companies' futures.

Drug value

Pharmaceutical companies stand ready to be tested in a world where a drug’s success is more closely tied to its performance. The challenges mount with competition from generics and growing pressure to reduce costs. Now, insurers and integrated providers are driven by models that reward health outcomes and cost savings. For success, drug makers are exploring real-world evidence, new payment models, and the right partnerships.

2015 Medical Cost Trend

This PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) report looks at the projected increase in the cost of medical services for 2014. Read how medical cost trends affect your business.

Medical Technology Innovation report

Medtech companies should create an innovation engine that enables service and business model innovation to find new sources of revenue and meet changing customer and consumer demands.

Lease accounting

After three years of outreach and deliberation, the IASB and FASB recently issued a revised proposal to overhaul the rules on accounting for leases, a move that could significantly boost US companies' reported debt.

Conflict minerals

10Minutes on conflict minerals provides insight into the strategic benefits and risks companies will want to focus on as they comply with the SEC's conflict minerals rule. The rule is effective for 2013 calendar year operations, so regardless of whether companies view conflict minerals as a supply chain opportunity, risk to their brand or another regulatory to-do, they should act now to prepare.

Harnessing customer demand to drive growth

Consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies, retailers, and their business partners often tout the ways they put customers at the center of their strategies. But while many companies do a good job of understanding their customers, perhaps not as many create demand by coordinating across marketing, sales, and innovation—functions and activities that now encompass the demand chain. This 10Minutes explores ways companies can capitalize on knowing their customer with demand functions pulling in the same direction.

CIO leadership in post-transaction relationships: IT’s role in customer engagement

By evolving IT to focus on the end customer, CIOs have the opportunity to be key partners in helping their businesses break new ground.

Using technology to help customers achieve their goals

Businesses that embed capabilities to understand usage in their products in service of customers’ goals stand to reap unparalleled value.

Internet of Things

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the impact of Internet of Things trends on businesses and the IT organization. It analyzes how businesses now have the ability to continue the relationship with customers after the sales transaction by helping them achieve the goals for which they buy the products.

Building the customer-centered organization

What does a customer-centered organization look like? What investments are needed to take you there, and what might that journey look like? This 10Minutes discusses these questions and how companies who focus on creating a customer-centered organization may reap real dividends.

Supply chain flexibility

Volatility has become a fact of life in today’s business landscape. Yet, after years of global expansion, many companies’ supply chains are brittle, unable to respond to frequent fluctuations in demand and supply. This 10Minutes explores strategies companies can deploy to make their supply chains more agile and adaptable.

Creating value from Global Business Services

In 2013, company leaders are looking for value creation from their operations. To achieve this goal, organizations are moving beyond shared services and outsourcing to a Global Business Services (GBS) model. GBS helps provide those intangibles by focusing on customer needs and business strategy first and foremost.

Washington National Tax Services Insight: IRS examines whether manufacture of packaging qualifies for section 199 deduction

Section 199 domestic manufacturing deduction does not apply to a taxpayer that repackages and labels pills that it did not manufacture

Washington National Tax Services Insight: Tax issues and opportunities in technology litigation judgements and settlements

An increasing number of lawsuits are being filed by technology companies surrounding patent infringement, unfair competition, fraud, and breach of contract.

Business continuity management

The best disaster survival manual may be obsolete if it doesn’t anticipate major disruptions to the supply chain or at outsourced operations. As a result, business continuity management programs are being designed to continually assess— as well as counter—risks stemming from the interdependencies integral to running a business.

Elevating tax function productivity with an "efficiency dividend"

PwC's latest thinking about how companies can leverage technology already embedded in the broader finance organization to transform a high-pressure environment into an integrated ecosystem that drives improvements in productivity, quality and risk.

Combating cybercrime: The general counsel’s role

Cyberattacks aren’t just an information technology matter. Legal obligations, damages to the organization, and business relations with customers all come into play. Often the last to know, it is imperative that general counsel be the first on the cybercrime scene. They can play a pivotal role in protecting an organization if they act promptly when a company’s systems have become compromised.

Defining a new CEO agenda

As shown by the results of our 14th Annual Global CEO Survey,¹ about half of all CEOs are confident about revenue growth going forward. But how will they achieve it? Here PwC's Tom Craren outlines eight key strategies for seizing the opportunities at hand.

How credible is your sustainable reporting?

CEOs and boards know the benefits of corporate responsibility reporting included increasing profitability, reducing supply chain risks and costs, and garnering sustainability ratings and recognitions. Overall, companies need this information to drive operational efficiencies and facilitate innovation. Ultimately though, to win stakeholders’ trust, companies need to be credible with respect to sustainability. How do they achieve it?

Rebooting Your IT Strategy: Using IT to Accelerate Your Business

How are financial services firm CIOs tapping IT organizations to build benefits and cue-up competitive advantage? We'll show you how here and now.