Innovation and technology

For a long time now, technology has been front-page (or first-screen) news. Business, institutions and society at large have become increasingly tech-dependent, and the technology sector is a main engine of more than one national economy. Technology and innovation are no longer just "operational" considerations; they’re strategic necessities, indispensable to survival and growth. Additionally, you can explore all of PwC's publications covering current business issues and industry trends.

Downloads: We the urban people

Downloads: We the urban people

10Minutes on service provider transparency

Businesses depend on service providers to handle confidential data, run essential business processes, and manage critical technology. This can leave businesses vulnerable to service provider breakdowns. The result can be the providers’ clients violating regulations and even losing customer trust. Yet many businesses may know less than they realize about their service providers’ controls. This 10Minutes discusses how SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports can give businesses the picture they need to have solid confidence in their service providers.

The mindful CIO

Extend your core applications, data, and infrastructure to better serve the cognitive processes of knowledge workers.

Technologies that enable mindful apps

Emerging techniques and technologies that enable enterprises to design, develop, and deploy mindful apps.

The future of enterprise apps: Moving beyond workflows to mindflows

Empower the human factor through mindful apps.

10Minutes on transforming the tax function

It’s an opportunity hidden in plain sight. In 10Minutes on transforming the tax function, we discuss how the tax function is often overlooked as an area for improvement, unlike more obvious choices such as supply chain or business services. However, shining a light on the tax group can reveal untapped opportunities where changes in technology, process, people, and data can lead to benefits for the broader business.

PwC 2013 APEC CEO Survey

PwC's report, building on a survey of more than 370 business leaders and interviews from across the region, confirms the necessity of regional cooperation for our companies' futures.

Drug value

Pharmaceutical companies stand ready to be tested in a world where a drug’s success is more closely tied to its performance. The challenges mount with competition from generics and growing pressure to reduce costs. Now, insurers and integrated providers are driven by models that reward health outcomes and cost savings. For success, drug makers are exploring real-world evidence, new payment models, and the right partnerships.

CIO leadership in post-transaction relationships: IT’s role in customer engagement

By evolving IT to focus on the end customer, CIOs have the opportunity to be key partners in helping their businesses break new ground.

The Thing Stack: Technologies that guide customers to their goals

Emerging technologies continue to bring down the cost and complexity of adding networked sensors to products and services, accelerating their integration and driving new customer value....

Internet of Things

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the impact of Internet of Things trends on businesses and the IT organization. It analyzes how businesses now have the ability to continue the relationship with customers after the sales transaction by helping them achieve the goals for which they buy the products.

Using technology to help customers achieve their goals

Businesses that embed capabilities to understand usage in their products in service of customers’ goals stand to reap unparalleled value.

Cities of Opportunity: Analysis and forecast of global urban economic centers: PwC

Download the 2012 edition of PwC’s Cities of Opportunity. This year’s report, our fifth, analyses in depth the trajectory of 27 capitals of finance, commerce, manufacturing and/or culture across 60 variables -- and offers insight into what factors and conditions make cities function best, plus customized, interactive tools for exploring the data.

Cities of Opportunity: Analysis and forecast of global urban economic centers: PwC

Download the 2012 edition of PwC’s Cities of Opportunity. This year’s report, our fifth, analyses in depth the trajectory of 27 capitals of finance, commerce, manufacturing and/or culture across 60 variables -- and offers insight into what factors and conditions make cities function best, plus customized, interactive tools for exploring the data.

Closing the loop on sustainability information

We’ve identified four key emerging information technology areas that directly affect enterprise sustainability. These areas span the lifecycle of information—from where it is created to where it is reported.

How does one tax the cloud?

From a tax perspective, client service professionals must stay informed about potential changes in state tax policies regarding the tax treatment of the various cloud computing platforms.

Protecting your brand in the cloud: Transparency and trust through enhanced reporting

Cloud computing is making deep inroads into the marketplace, but organizations are concerned about risks regarding security, privacy, availability, data protection and retention. Any one of these could damage a company’s business and its brand. How can the risks impact companies’ brands and how can third-party assurance provide a solution?

Sustainability: Moving from compliance to leadership

Sustainability is moving from “something that’s nice to have” to one of the most important strategic initiatives enterprises will undertake in the coming decade—a practice deeply embedded in the organization.

The CIO’s next leadership opportunity: Sustainability

CIOs can demonstrate natural leadership with sustainability—by surfacing information that can educate, motivate, and catalyze decision-making, and by using metrics and other IT tools to embed sustainability practices throughout the organization.

The CIO’s role in social enterprise strategy

Social technology offers considerable promise, but CIOs and business units are struggling to figure out how to use it effectively. A key reason is that most social media outside the enterprise is just pure communication. Making the same use of these tools inside the enterprise only imposes more channels on already overwhelmed staff. What alternatives exist to help alleviate communications overload?

Enterprise success with emerging social technology

Mention social technology or social networking, and most people think of consumer-driven applications such as Twitter or Facebook. But some organizations realize that Facebook, Twitter, and their secured equivalents inside the enterprise are just a catalyst for deeper changes that must be made to collaboration tools and methods. So what are the changes companies need to make to improve things?

The anytime, anywhere business opportunity

No longer viewed as a strictly consumer phenomenon, smart devices enabled by wireless data networks are getting down to business. Companies operating within all kinds of value chains are embracing them to improve processes, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs. But those benefits are only the beginning. Where do the real payoffs come from for companies using them?

The technology powering business mobility

Operating systems, devices, wireless networks, and other IT components all comprise business mobility. But the real power lies in the convergence of the technologies and in how each organization applies them to redefine the way it works. While the chief information officer will lead the charge here, it's important that the rest of the leadership team understand the choices and issues that pertain to the following technology building blocks.

Striking the innovation balance

History is littered with companies that have failed to innovate, but innovation is now climbing to the top of the CEO agenda as a primary strategy for achieving profitable growth in a post-crisis economy. Is your company innovating to its full potential -- and what are the tensions that most affect a company’s ability to innovate successfully?

Measuring innovation

What is innovation? And how do you measure and benchmark it in your organization, be it private, public or academic?

Making over healthcare

While there’s still a great deal of uncertainty around the specifics of healthcare reform, one thing’s clear: The healthcare industry in the US will never be the same. And 2011 is shaping up to be a makeover year for healthcare providers, health insurers, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, and employers. But what are the most significant issues in play? A recent report identifies six.

Rebooting Your IT Strategy: Using IT to Accelerate Your Business

How are financial services firm CIOs tapping IT organizations to build benefits and cue-up competitive advantage? We'll show you how here and now.

Building a business case for your global sourcing strategy. Benefits of a data driven approach.

What does a proper business case look like and what should you be doing to avoid the pitfalls? Where do you begin, and why is a comprehensive, fact-based evaluation of the organization and rigorous due diligence on the global sourcing alternatives available so important? Here, we guide you through the answers to these questions.