This is an unusually hot topic right now, thanks to the fitful economy and the resulting loss of confidence in both public and private institutions. Today, perhaps more than in recent memory, the focus is on transparency and accountability. You can also explore all of PwC's publications covering current business issues and industry trends.

PwC's 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

What does the corporate board of the future look like? Diversity, shareholder relations, communication with management, effective IT governance, fair executive compensation, and agile risk response are cited in PwC's Annual Corporate Directors Survey.

Revenue recognition

After much deliberation, the FASB and IASB are set to release a final global revenue recognition standard in the coming months that will do away with current industry-specific accounting and instead apply a single set of principles to all revenue transactions. Changes to practices, processes and systems could ripple through your business. 10Minutes on revenue recognition provides information about the standard as well as insight into ways in which some companies are preparing for the broader impact.

Data privacy

Data protection and privacy is an urgent issue for both consumers and businesses. As customers increasingly worry whether their personal information is secure and used appropriately, companies are also concerned about protecting data and their brand. This 10Minutes highlights the importance of viewing consumer privacy from more than just a compliance lens and developing a strategy and action plan that will help businesses lead on data privacy by building customer trust and enhancing their brand.

Resolution planning: Category 3 debrief

The public portion of Category 3 US resolution plans reveal strikingly similar strategies.

Resolution planning: FDIC’s single point of entry

The FDIC's proposal contains little new information, but shines light on the outstanding key issues even if only by its silence.

Resolution planning: Bail-in debt rule slowly taking form

A bail-in debt proposal is expected from US regulators in the coming months.

Resolution planning: A public peek into the plans

Regulators released the public sections of the 11 Category 1 firms' annual resolution plans.

Whistleblower reform

Whistleblower reform is having significant impact. The SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower has one full year of operation under its belt, and with it 3,001 tips and two awards to date. Leading companies are looking closely at the Office’s first-year report and drawing lessons for building stronger ethics and compliance programs. They’re also considering what it takes to create a highly ethical culture. This 10Minutes highlights the importance of having an ethical culture at the workplace.

Shaping the Boardroom Agenda

This 10Minutes outlines key points from PwC’s 2012 Annual Corporate Directors Survey that illustrate how boards are working to improve their oversight.

To the point: Current issues for boards of directors

This edition of To the point: Current issues for boards of directors, reviews guidance from the SEC and DOJ about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and policy updates from the ISS on executive compensation, board response to proposals with majority shareholder support, hedging of company stock, and what directors should know about data security and cyberattacks.

Washington National Tax Services Insight: 2012 election results point to continued divisions over tax policy

Can compromises be reached before the end of this year to avoid the 'fiscal cliff' effect of scheduled tax increases and spending reductions

Washington National Tax Services Insight: IRS explains key definitions for complying with healthcare law

The IRS recently released guidance addressing some of the very technical issues facing employers as they implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Download PwC's 2012 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

Download PwC's 2012 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

IT oversight

An increasing number of directors are spending more of their board hours discussing information technology (IT) risks and opportunities, specifically associated with social media and mobile computing. Technology and media experience are desirable qualities among qualified board members, as boards grapple with the risks associated with IT.

2012 Current developments for directors: Finding direction in uncertain times

This annual publication focuses on the critical governance issues directors and senior executives face, offering information, insights, and practical guidance to help directors meet the demands of their role and enrich boardroom discussions.

2011 Current developments for directors: Charting the right course

The 2011 edition of Current developments for directors includes a section on factors that are influencing companies' growth plans. Also discussed are how global trends are affecting companies' operations and international expansion opportunities and covers key developments in regulatory reform, financial reporting, and tax reform.

2010 Current developments for directors

The key issues that stand out in 2010 for directors include business challenges given the state of the economy, the impact of global tax trends, financial reporting and regulatory developments, major ongoing legislative issues, and a special focus on government involvement in business.

Effective audit committees

Audit committees, management, and auditors work together to meet the information needs of the capital markets and to ensure quality audits and financial reporting. The leading practices in this 10Minutes may help audit committees continue to improve their oversight of auditors and management, thereby enhancing the quality of audits and financial reporting.