Risk Management

In today’s environment, effective risk management has become increasingly critical to agencies ability to achieve their mission and objectives. In order to do so, senior leadership needs to understand the risks their agency is facing. In a world of greater complexity, uncertainty and accelerating change, agencies need to be risk resilient while positioning themselves to be able to harness risk information to make informed decisions and shape the strategy of the organization. PwC helps empower agencies to achieve their objectives across the categories of strategy, finance, operations, and compliance by better understanding and addressing the risks to their objectives while also identifying and acting on opportunities.

We help agencies in several areas relating to risk, some of which are included below:

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

We assist agencies by providing professional services in connection with designing and implementing ERM programs, as well as improve existing programs to reach their potential.


We advise senior executives on emerging governance issues and leading practices and assist them with the design and implementation of governance frameworks.


We help agencies by providing professional services in connection with designing and implementing business processes and controls that comply with regulatory and statutory requirements as well as agency policies.

Performance Alignment

Beyond compliance, we help our clients align their performance to mission and objectives, and measure that performance using actionable metrics.

Privacy and data protection

We assist clients with assessing the current state of their privacy and data protection environment and identifying and implementing improvements.

Continuity of Operations

We help agencies assess their ability to continue to operate and perform essential functions under a variety of circumstances and to identify and address vulnerabilities.

GRC Technology

We assist our clients the selection, design and implementation of the right GRC technology to meet their needs and help them get the most out of the technology. PwC provides professional services in the implementation of GRC solutions that help our clients sustain their ERM programs and support real-time monitoring and timely decision-making.

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