Move your career forward

Leaving the service does not have to mean ending service to your country. The skills and flexibility that made you a successful junior military officer will make you successful at PwC.

PwC works directly and indirectly to support the war fighter with projects across the DoD. We have staff working with the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan to support those governments' infrastructure, stabilization, and reconstruction. PwC has teams that serve national law enforcement agencies and the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense and State.

We also have market teams that deliver our services to all other Cabinet-level departments and specifically to Federal Intelligence Agencies. As a part of the PwC team, you will have a direct and immediate impact on national priorities.

Why PwC?

PwC helps government agencies solve complex business issues, manage risk and add value to performance through our comprehensive service offerings in:

  • Financial management

    Our financial management methodology strives to achieve cross-enterprise financial process integration and alignment to enable cost reduction, increase controls and reliability, and heighten confidence in financial information. We also help federal agencies address accounting, auditing, reporting, systems and internal control challenges and impediments. We help to support federal agencies in:

    • Financial & Performance Audit
    • Audit Readiness & Remediation
    • Budget and Performance Integration
    • Financial Reporting & Controls
    • Business & Financial Planning
    • Property & Asset Management
    • Grants and Credit Management
    • Fraud Investigation & Recovery

  • Governance, risk & compliance

    Our governance, risk and compliance team provides a comprehensive approach to achieving agency objectives and regulatory compliance requirements. Our approach features an assessment of management processes and risk-based realignment to increase agility in responding to dynamic challenges faced by today’s government executives.

    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Continuity of Operations
    • Ethics and Compliance
    • Privacy
    • Regulatory Function Management
    • Regulatory Reporting and Assurance

  • Operational effectiveness

    We help government agencies to assess current operations issues to increase efficiencies and effectiveness, as well as success with appropriate rewards and recognition programs. Our services include:

    • Benefits Realization
    • Performance Metrics & Management
    • Business Process and Controls
    • Sourcing and Alliance Management
    • Privatization & Outsourcing Advisory
    • Economic Advisory
    • Human Capital Change Management

  • Program management

    Our program management services team is an integrated force, responsible for all aspects of our service delivery life cycle model. We provide the tools, methodologies and people to ensure successful delivery of large projects and programs. We have proven success helping government agencies in the areas of:

    • Program and Project Management Office Design & Implementation
    • Organizational, Program and Project Management Assessment
    • Project Portfolio Management Support Services
    • Feasibility & Business Case Development & Monitoring
    • Acquisition Management Support
    • Performance Assessment & Benefits Realization
    • Dispute and Investigations Support

  • Technology

    We help clients maximize the return on their information technology investments through the alignment of their business processes with their technology activities. We assist them with the creation and management of world-class technology functions, incorporating security, data management and IT business risk management, through:

    • Threat & Vulnerability Management including in-depth Penetration Analysis
    • Controls & Identity Management including Single Sign-on, User Provisioning, and Access Management
    • Incident Response, Event Correlation, and Computer Forensics
    • Crisis & Incident Planning and Response
    • Data Planning, Management and Quality Services
    • Information Security Strategy and Architectural Services
    • FISMA and Certification/Accreditation Services