Policy Support Services

PwC is currently assisting a client with the oversight of its full grants management lifecycle policy development activities, to include highly specialized and technical policy analysis, guidance development, program evaluation, and program outreach. PwC has analyzed the client’s documents, data, and feedback from stakeholders to help develop and revise policies in order to improve the quality, speed, delivery, and clarity of the policies and guidance for customers and stakeholders. PwC subject matter specialists are providing technical assistance on mitigation grant program policy issues an helping the client consider past, present, and future questions related to potential policy options and implementation to promote increased effectiveness throughout policy development.

Our understanding of the policy development lifecycle has allowed us to assist in the collection, version control, distribution, and retention of policies, decisions, and other key documents. Recognizing that the foundation of effective program development and evaluation relies on solid understanding of the intended program results, PwC assessed program performance using multiple information collection methods; verifiable data to identify gaps and to measure and analyze impacts on end users; and documentation of stakeholder successes. The information collected and issues identified enabled the client to more efficiently direct resources.

As part of our policy development support, our team also worked with the client to develop a customized business plan that outlines the overall approach and activities required to create, implement, and manage policy development activities. Furthermore, PwC designed and implemented the MS SharePoint site, which the client uses to manage mitigation policy analysis and development projects and as a collaboration tool within the organization and with stakeholders in the field. PwC’s tailored approach to policy analysis, development, and implementation supports the development and maturity of the client’s mitigation programs.