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The US energy revolution
The US energy revolution: The role of private equity in oil and gas
Private equity investments have spurred growth in the US oil and gas industry during the past ten years, yet risk is a large factor in driving the investment trend.

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Game on: Private Equity Investment in Africa
Over the past several years, interest in Africa as a destination for investment has been growing at a steady clip. Private equity was the first to make serious inroads into this heterogeneous continent of 54 countries. More recently, multinational corporations and a variety of other investors have entered the fray.

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Driving portfolio company performance in a changing private equity environment
PwC's Private Equity Portfolio Company Stock Compensation Survey highlights practices and trends in equity compensation design among US-based private equity firms in light of increased market competition and increased reserves for leveraged buyouts.

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Listed below are some PwC thought leadership pieces that may be of interest to private equity clients: