Case Studies: What we have done for our clients

Listed below are some examples of service we have provided to private equity clients:

  • Discovering extra purchase price savings, then uncovering $50 million in direct cost savings on custom and duty taxes
  • Delivering IT due diligence leads to a significant impact on the purchase price in a carve-out acquisition
  • Improving and streamlining financial processes and technology systems for better business forecasting and reporting in a private equity portfolio company
  • Working capital optimization uncovers sustainable cost reduction opportunities of up to $21.5 million for a US manufacturer and yields greater value for the private equity client
  • Reducing costs by up to $7 million annually through integration and consolidation of back office functions during a period of extreme pressure due to slowed sales and a down economy
PE fund
  • Coordinating two contingent acquisitions — a carve-out and a private company — to ultimately form a stand-alone entity for the private equity client
  • PwC pre- and post-acquisition services deliver value to both buyer and acquired business