Managing your investments

Your investment strategy is an integral component of your overall wealth management plan.

Managing your investments

Investment planning is a complex undertaking that should be approached differently in the case of each individual’s or family’s particular wealth management needs, expectations, and constraints. By working closely with an advisory team, you can select investment strategies best suited to your situation and risk tolerance, supporting your goals for both today and in the long term.

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Managing your personal investments and planning your family’s ongoing financial security can be challenging in the best of conditions. Today, there’s the additional challenge of accomplishing those tasks against the backdrop of a slow-growing economy and still-volatile market – both of which are affected by political and economic developments around the world.

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Early retirement savings

Fast-forward to the future:
Early retirement = early (and big) savings commitment

Figuring out how much you need to save on a monthly basis in order to retire early requires understanding the cost of the lifestyle you want in retirement, a calculation of the number of years you have to save before you retire, and an estimate of a nominal return on your investments and of the inflation rate.


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Investing in global diversification

Global diversification: Investing internationally

An important consideration after reviewing your asset allocation and risk profile is how you will invest internationally. Many investors have a tendency to invest in what they know. As a result, they may overlook opportunities for diversification through international investing.

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Alternative investment strategies

Weighing alternative investment scenarios: How different strategies plan out over time

The expense rate of your investments, the tax rate in the state you live and the location of your investments all have significant impact on your portfolio’s overall return.

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