Trendsetter Barometer® Q3 2015 - Private companies feel less exuberant about the economy and own forecasts

While the party is hardly over, fewer private companies were feeling optimistic about the economy in 3Q, and that’s translating into less-aggressive forecasts, tempered hiring, and a pullback in capex. Meanwhile, international sales are softening and so is the pricing power companies were enjoying earlier this year. But big picture, they’re still feeling good and setting their sights on the future, including the 2016 elections and their potential effect on business.

Survey highlights

at a glance
At a glance: Private companies' exuberance is starting to wane.
private companies economic sentiments
Economic optimism still high but starting to dip
private company growth expectations
Growth agendas look ahead to 2016 elections
private company hiring trends
Less help wanted, but for more pay
private company international
International companies are outspending their peers