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2014 CEO Survey: A private-company perspective 2014 CEO Survey: A private-company perspective

US CEOs continue to face economic, legislative, and regulatory uncertainty. But they are by no means sitting on their hands. Instead, they’re assessing and preparing for the various ways their businesses will be changed by — and can capitalize on — long-term trends such as technological advances, demographic movements, global economic shifts, resource scarcity, and urbanization. Read how.

Trendsetter Barometer™ — Private companies eye substantial revenue growth in 2014, expect to outperform GDP forecast Trendsetter Barometer™ — Private companies eye substantial revenue growth in 2014, expect to outperform GDP forecast

We spoke to over 200 private-company leaders about what they envision for the year ahead. They told us they're more optimistic about the economy, have ambitious revenue goals, and plan to hire new workers in 2014. Read our report to hear what else they're planning for the year ahead.

2014 Guide to tax and wealth management 2014 Guide to tax and wealth management

PwC's 2014 edition of Managing your wealth offers guidance on strategic tax planning, managing your portfolio, charitable giving, estate and gift planning, business succession planning and other wealth management topics.

Growing Your Business Growing Your Business™—Profitability 2.0

Is your company as profitable as it could be? If not, it might be time to abandon conventional wisdom and do things differently. Read how.

PwC Family Business Survey 2012/13: US report PwC Family Business Survey 2012/13: US report

This companion piece to PwC's global Family Business Survey looks at what US family businesses have been doing and thinking since we last conducted our survey two years ago.

Building a presence in today’s global markets: The BRICs and beyond Building a presence in today’s global markets: The BRICs and beyond

Read about the top business opportunities and risks private companies face in emerging and fast-growing markets, which include not only the BRICs, but also a second tier of rapidly developing markets, such as Indonesia and Mexico.


Additional PCS publications

  • Realizing shareholder value: Private company exit strategies

    We have created this series, Realizing shareholder value: Private company exit strategies, to guide privately-held business owners in the development and execution of an effective exit strategy. This, the first installment, explores the framework for developing an effective exit strategy—setting the appropriate objectives and understanding the importance of effective and early planning.

  • Trendsetter Barometer: After a year of black swans, growth-focused private companies rethink risk resilience

    "Black swan” events and other external shocks in 2011 exposed vulnerabilities in private companies' risk preparedness. Only a minority say they're very confident that their current risk management strategies will prove effective over the next few years — this at a time when 40% of Trendsetter executives say their companies feel pressure to take on greater risk to pursue growth. As a result, many private companies are rethinking their approach to risk resiliency in an increasingly volatile — and competitive — world.

  • Growing Your Business™

    Read this publication for a point of view, guidance, and insights on issues affecting the businesses and personal wealth of private-company owners.

  • Trendsetter Barometer: Private companies see benefits in formal corporate governance

    A large majority of US private companies (80%) are adopting specific corporate governance practices — not because they are required to, but because it makes good business sense as they look to increase value for their stakeholders and keep pace with new business realities. Unlike their publicly traded peers, private companies have the freedom and flexibility to incorporate corporate governance as they see fit. Read how they're going about it.

  • Trendsetter Barometer: Growth-focused private companies embrace digital marketing

    In today’s highly competitive world of compressed margins and slow economic growth, private companies are looking for new ways to boost revenue. One way is via digital marketing — 70% are now doing some form of customer outreach through digital avenues. Within this group, 67% are leveraging social media and mobile devices to that end. Learn more by reading the key findings from our survey.

  • Trendsetter Barometer:  US private companies prioritize innovation as growth engine

    In today's two-speed economy — where developed markets remain troubled by economic malaise while emerging economies fuel new consumer demands — three-quarters of private-company CEOs are making innovation a top priority, with half of them expecting their innovations to significantly impact the way they do business over the next few years. International companies, especially, are prioritizing innovation (87%), as are those that project higher revenue growth.

  • Trendsetter Barometer: Private companies rebuild IT budgets to drive growth and efficiencies

    Emerging from one of the worst recessions on record, many private US businesses are planning to increase their information technology spending to catch up on deferred IT investment, improve internal operations, and seize new growth opportunities. The biggest impact is expected to come from investment in technologies that enable companies to do more with less.

  • Trendsetter Barometer: Private companies face talent shortages

    As private companies look to grow again, they need the right talent to propel their businesses forward. For many of those companies, new skill sets are required, particularly at the management level and in areas key to powering growth. Read our Private Company Trendsetter Barometer Special Topic for insight on how private companies face talent shortages.

  • Private Company Services tax insight

    This publication provides timely insight on emerging tax issues for private companies and individuals. PCS Tax Insight primarily focuses on significant tax developments for mid size nonpublic companies, partnerships, S-corporations, LLCs and high-net worth individuals.

Personal financial services  

  • Employee financial well-being and retirement survey: 2014 results

    PwC's Financial Wellness Survey tracks the financial and retirement well-being of working American adults nationwide.

  • Estate planning: A trustee's guide to the irrevocable life insurance trust

    This guide examines the real and perceived implementation issues associated with the irrevocable life insurance trust, and provides helpful hints on dealing with insurance companies and the IRS. The trustee of the irrevocable life insurance trust has a variety of tasks. The purpose of this material is to remove the mystery from many of these tasks and to provide direction.

  • PFS Planning Updates

    Personal financial planning news, including updates on legislation affecting personal finances, as well as strategies to help you achieve your long-term goals and objectives.


  • Manufacturing barometer surveys

    PwC's Manufacturing Barometer Survey are conducted quarterly with senior executives of large US manufacturing companies. The executives are interviewed about the current business climate. The surveys summarize key findings based on interviews.