Family meetings

A successful family meeting is one that encourages open dialogue and trust.

Family meetings

A successful family meeting is one in which everyone openly participates and agrees to work collectively toward achieving the family’s shared objectives.

Families should meet routinely. Doing so is essential to achieving the family’s mission today and to educating the younger generations in how to fulfill it tomorrow.

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Families with significant wealth recognize the importance of managing their investments, charitable giving and trusts. Helping younger members understand the need for effective wealth management is key. Family meetings can help achieve that.

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Family investment philosophy

Family investing 101: Educating the next generation

As younger generations mature and start to beneficially vest in the family’s dynasty trust, it becomes increasingly important that they understand the family’s investment philosophy.

A family meeting can be the ideal forum for this type of education.

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Cross-border considerations

World view: Cross-border considerations for international families

As families grow, their geographic reach tends to expand as well, spanning not only state lines but also country borders.

Building cross-border considerations into the family’s mission statement will help family members abroad participate more fully in the mission, as well as ensure that the plan has a global scope.

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