Private wealth

Helping you and your family grow and protect your wealth

The complexity of family wealth and family offices has expanded beyond coordinating the various aspects of wealth management. Services now include providing advice and support around global tax matters, philanthropic interests, family reporting and education, enhancing technology and data security, generational wealth transfers, and other legacy building endeavors.


  • Should I have a family office? If so, what form should it take?
  • Are there risks and/or exposures to my personal wealth and quality of life that I’m not aware of or managing fully?
  • How can I be assured that my office is incorporating standard industry practices, managing risk and maintaining appropriate controls and safeguards?
  • Who should I employ or engage to assist in the management of my private wealth and affairs?
  • How do I comply with international laws and tax compliance requirements?
  • How do I prepare a legacy for following generations?

PwC Personal Financial Services: Wealth management and tax planning



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Wealth brings responsibilities that demand unique services

PwC’s private wealth offering team specializes in working with individuals and families, privately-owned family businessesfamily offices and their advisors. We have a keen multi-disciplinary appreciation for the unique dynamics of family business and private wealth and use this to help you build on the positive aspects of your private wealth and family enterprise, while anticipating and helping you mitigate risks and conflicts.

We leverage the experience and resources found across PwC’s global network of firms, including professionals within PwC’s Personal Financial Services, to address the issues and challenges facing wealthy individuals and families.

How we can help

PwC helps individuals and their families maintain compliance with domestic and global tax reporting obligations and provides recommendations on appropriate structuring and wealth and legacy planning.

We understand the importance of maintaining an investment strategy that is designed to efficiently achieve your goals while providing flexibility to capitalize on new opportunities. Philanthropy is often a significant component in a family's overall mission. We can also assist focusing on the effectiveness and efficiency of your philanthropic strategy.

We know that protecting your family’s well-being and assets from risk involves more than just obtaining adequate insurance coverage. It also entails making strategic choices about your operations, technology and assets. We can help support you in those activities as well as assess and propose opportunities around data integrity, cyber security and disaster recovery.

We can help you assess tax considerations, ownership transfer options, and develop standard industry practices related to governance. We can also help effectively communicate the results to family members and other key stakeholders so that the value will endure well beyond leadership transition.

We provide assurance and business advisory services to help identify opportunities for increased controls, efficiency, financial risk management, reduced costs, and overall compliance with regulations related to business operations and investment activities.

New technologies can help families manage ledger and balance sheets, but require expertise in selection, implementation and maintenance. We can assess and recommend technology and financial operations to help you have a thorough financial picture and safeguard your assets today and in the future.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our comprehensive solutions for wealthy private clients.