Organizational change

The PwC Employee Financial Education Practice can help you anticipate issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, workforce reductions and relocations, and develop a proactive communications and education initiative that will help you achieve your staffing goals while also preserving morale and productivity.

How PwC can help

Whether it involves decisions around relocation or early retirement programs or assessing the impact a layoff may have on employees’ personal finances, PwC can assist you in developing an employee financial education program to:
  • Prepare people to make voluntary separation or early retirement decisions with confidence
  • Help employees assess complex financial and non-financial aspects of their decisions
  • Effectively communicate services available for employees losing their jobs in the case of an involuntary separation
  • Address the broad range of financial issues faced during a relocation including tax planning, budgeting, buying a home, insurance, and estate planning
  • Minimize your HR Department's administrative burden
Employee Financial Education Services