Benefit plan changes

When changes to health and retirement plan benefits occur, employees are often confused and uncertain, which can ultimately affect employee morale and retention. The PwC Employee Financial Education practice assists organizations and their employees with communication and financial education services designed to address employee needs before, during, and after the change occurs, increase employee understanding, ease their concerns, and help them make educated choices.

How PwC can help

Whether the catalyst is a change to an existing retirement plan, a plan conversion or choice program, PwC can assist you in developing an employee financial education program to:
  • Enhance your employees’ understanding and appreciation of upcoming benefit plan changes
  • Increase your employees’ comfort with making their choices and empower them to make decisions
  • Provide an appropriate level of education to each employee
  • Address your organization’s potential liability exposure resulting from changing an existing plan
  • Integrate an employee education program with other existing communications
  • Minimize your HR Department’s administrative burden
Employee Financial Education Services