Values and philanthropy

The secret ingredient in your success


Role of culture and values

For a family business values are the connective tissue - the source of your success, your commitment, and your legacy. They bring power to a business, helping to assure cohesion, resolve conflicts and strengthening resolve - through the natural act of passing on a legacy.

Putting your values into action

Our advisors can help you analyze the values of your family business, and identify opportunities to amplify them throughout your organization and beyond through a wide range of values-centered missions, including:

  • Social entrepreneurship: Helping your family business develop strategies, business models and dynamics to drive social entrepreneurship.
  • Philanthropy: Advising both individuals and families on your philanthropic goals, leading to thoughtful and productive charitable giving.
  • Family values alignment: We can assess and help strengthen the alignment between your family, ownership and business values to ensure healthy family ties, sustained organizational performance and empowerment for the next generation.

Contact us to explore how we can help you develop a clearer understanding of your values and propose ways that can make them work for you in every arena that is important to you.

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Using charitable giving to meet your goals

A client's story: supporting research for a cure


For many family businesses, a culture of values and responsible ownership comes naturally and giving back yields substantial dividends, both inside and outside your business. Not only can it be a positive extension of your family’s values into the world, family philanthropy can also be an excellent way to teach the next generation about financial stewardship and the good that wealth can accomplish.

From investment to family testament

A successful family philanthropy can be a wonderful testament to a family’s values. Whatever your philanthropic vision and whatever its form - we can help you make it a reality using the following four stage approach:

  • Stage I: Developing your philanthropy road map
  • Stage II: Analyzing the full spectrum of opportunities
  • Stage III: Making the investments
  • Stage IV: Monitoring the impact against your philanthropic goals

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