Growth: Building a presence in today’s global markets
The BRICs and beyond

Private companies are setting their sights on emerging and fast-growing markets (EFGMs), where economic conditions are rebounding more quickly than in mature markets. At present, the EFGM landscape is dominated by the BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India, and China – but a second tier of rapidly developing markets, including Indonesia and Mexico, is catching up.

Read about the top business opportunities and risks in these markets as identified by 158 private-company executives interviewed by the Economist Intelligence Unit for this publication and as observed first hand by PwC partners around the globe.

China 69%
India 47%
South Korea 21%
Indonesia 16%
Brazil 47%
Mexico 21%
Russian Federation 39%
Poland 18%
Turkey 19%
South Africa 15%
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Top targets for foreign investment by private companies


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