Performance improvement: Operations

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of key business operations

Economic forces, regulatory concerns, consolidating industries, convergence, virtual workforces—these are just a few of the many issues impacting businesses today. With these pressures, improving performance has become an essential need for companies striving to remain competitive and effective in this dynamic environment.

Applying insight, deep industry knowledge and specialized experience, PwC helps clients identify, measure and close the gap in financial, information technology, governance, risk and compliance business processes that affect their ability to sustain and create value. Helping you improve performance in each of these areas is our goal.

PwC helps you address market issues

  • Connecting and managing complex global operations demands effective use of technology—we help you optimize IT spending to drive bottom-line results.
  • High-profile business failures have created demanding compliance requirements and led executives to focus on the broader aspects of governance—we can implement recommendations to better manage risk and reduce the cost of compliance without compromising effectiveness.
  • Keeping pace with change requires corporate agility—we can help you standardize and simplify operational and functional activities and assess the value and fit of shared service, outsourcing and offshoring arrangements.
  • Industry consolidation brings new finance and IT integration challenges—we can identify top reporting and control risks, help you quickly integrate core finance and IT processes to ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, and create and implement a comprehensive IT security plan.
  • Competitive pressures at home and abroad place a spotlight on cost management—we can advise on the best ways to reduce costs without increasing risk and without lessening the effectiveness of your core business processes.
  • Increased merger and acquisition activity, challenges associated with global networks and markets, continued pressure associated with regulatory compliance, and the need for more customer intimacy—we can help you achieve a more effective and efficient use technology.

Performance improvement focus areas

PwC offers advice and support for key client issues, using technology, data services and change management effectiveness skills to provide you with the best solution.

Services we provide include the following:

Enterprise applications
  • Architecture: Rationalizing a portfolio of applications from integrated systems, best-of-breed solutions, and other software implemented over the years or inherited with mergers and acquisitions
  • Selection: Facilitating an objective, fact-based process to weigh the most viable options for integrated systems (e.g. ERP) and/or best-of-breed, point solutions
  • Implementation: Assessing, designing, developing, testing, deploying, and supporting Oracle and SAP system components to meet business requirements
  • Optimization: Assessing and redesigning processes in Oracle, SAP, or other leading ERP systems
Finance effectiveness
  • Standardization and simplification of your finance processes
  • Strengthening performance management, budgeting and forecasting capabilities
  • Improving internal and external reporting
  • Focusing on people and organizational structure
  • Optimizing cash flow and the use of capital
  • Building and maintaining cost-effective controls
IT effectiveness
  • Optimizing IT cost and performance
  • Simplifying IT operations
  • Managing IT business risk and compliance
  • Strengthening sourcing competency
  • Cultivating IT governance and leadership
Governance, risk and compliance
  • Improving decision making for strategic planning and capital allocation
  • Reducing cost and increasing effectiveness of compliance activities
  • Avoiding/recovering from a compliance failure
  • Risk and compliance oversight
  • Alignment: How to align your outsourcing strategy with business requirements
  • Feasibility: How to build the outsourcing business model
  • Transaction: How to structure the best deal to achieve the business results
  • Transition: How to effectively manage change
  • Optimization/transformation: How to continually measure that objectives are being met through outsourcing governance
  • Termination/renegotiation: How to manage the process when the outsourcing relationship turns sub-optimal.