Human Resources Transformation: Is it driving business performance?

May 2012
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Human Resources Transformation:  Is it driving business performance?

At a glance

As companies embrace globalization, technology, and competitive pressures, local labor markets are rapidly evolving and changing—and the skill shortages are pushing human resources into the front lines of acquiring, developing, and retaining talent.

Our research shows that aggressive global expansion and changing workforce characteristics have elevated the importance of recruiting, talent management, and performance management. While some human resources executives have transformed their administrative-focused organizations and regionalized departments to improve their strategic value to their operational and functional counterparts, many organizations fall short of true transformation. While these organizations focus on efficiency, their business counterparts’ strategic talent management issues go unresolved with significant opportunity cost to market growth and other corporate initiatives. Following a transformation, does your human resources team focus more on the business than administration?

This paper leverages extensive quantitative research into global trends as well as interviews with senior human resources and business leaders that:

  • Uncover the global trends that have advanced the strategic role of human resources.
  • Expose so-called human resources transformations for what they really are.
  • Identify how human resources executives successfully transform their organizations to support business leaders.