How to ensure strong leadership for the future*

April 2008
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People and Change: How to ensure strong leadership for the future

At a glance

PwC people and change point of view that examines how companies develop a plan to ensure that senior leaders play a key, active role in the formal development of high-potential talent.

To ensure that your organization has the right talent on tap when and where it is needed, you must find a way to translate your company’s future business vision and strategies into a clear set of success factors, or leadership competencies. Great care must be given to the consideration and development of these success factors; they will become both the foundation for succession management and the criteria for assessing, planning, and evaluating talent going forward.In this paper, PwC examines how companies can define a transparent road map for continuous development and ensure that senior leaders play a key role—not just in the formal development, but also in the mentorship of high-potential talent.