Successfully drive change through the organization

Embrace people as the key to organizational change

Today’s organization should be agile and flexible as a matter of survival. Companies today face an unprecedented level of change and volatility, ranging from increased M&A activity and regulatory and risk complexity, to new technologies and skill requirements. But the road to agility and change success is often blocked due to people-related issues. Research tells us that as many as 75% of change initiatives fall short of expectations due to employee resistance and lack of clarity and leadership support.1


PwC survey respondents report that cultural and communication challenges are one of the top factors that most likely put deal synergies at risk


An investment in change can be seen as a cost to be justified or a benefit to be realized.

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Change that sticks

Companies can avoid these missteps and realize sustainable, repeatable change by recognizing that people are at the heart of critical change-related success factors.2 For M&A activity, knowing how to manage the people side of the change is fundamental to deal success. Successful organizations see the strategic value in communicating with employees before, during and after a large-scale transformation, and many reinforce behavioral changes through performance measures. Building an agile organization that flexes with change - driven, enabled and sustained by people - results in change that ‘sticks’ and yields benefits sustained long after the transformation is complete.

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