Build an effective organization to execute business strategy

Shift strategies, shift models

Eighty-six percent of US CEOs believe technological advances will transform their businesses over the next five years1, and 69% think demographic shifts will do so. As these transformations cause business strategies to shift companies must adapt their operating models in order to stay competitive. All too often, organizations shift business strategies but fail to adapt their operating models and talent management approach in tandem. This can leave them susceptible to risk, performance woes and the opportunity for competition to pounce.


Does your organization's DNA enable or impede your strategy?


How are US CEOs reshaping their business models?


How can you better align the organization, drive performance alignment during a transformation, and execute strategic change?


How can you make sure your business is equipped to compete?

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The power of the people

In order to ensure rapid integration, cultural change, and full benefits realization of business shifts– the playbook should incorporate up front the changes to the operating model and its people. Adapting the operating model provides the opportunity to better diagnose organizational effectiveness and develop a design that will adjust to meet future business requirements. Significant to these efforts is embracing a new model for leadership. And recognizing people will play a large part in determining the success of these transformations can ensure enduring organizational performance.

  1. All CEO stats come from PwC's 17th Annual CEO Survey, 2014.