Outsourcing comes of age

The rise of collaborative partnering: A global survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers

Outsourcing is alive and well; in fact it's an emerging issue for many businesses. It has the potential to deliver value well beyond cost savings by opening access to talent and capabilities while maximizing business model flexibility.

But success and growth are never without their challenges. Companies continue to be held back by cost- benefit justifications (i.e., the challenge of creating a business case where benefits are measured and delivered) and their own lack of experience. Nearly all feel challenged by one or more aspects of the outsourcing lifecycle; and their first inclination, when projects fail, is to blame service providers. Service providers think the main cause of failure is poor collaboration with their clients.

Outsourcing comes of age, a survey from PwC, confirms the growing complexity of outsourcing- from changes in the customer/supplier relationship to the emergence of new stakeholders and new governance models. Our survey provides evidence that leading outsourcing customers and service providers are shifting from traditional to collaborative business models.

Find out how to rise to the challenge of collaborative partnering.