Outsourcing and shared services

The continued pressure on corporate profitability and the ongoing need to increase the effectiveness of business support functions has driven interest in global sourcing to a new level. Organizations are realizing that the sourcing decisions they make will have far-reaching implications for their business, requiring new strategies and approaches to help ensure growth.

As a result, the three pillars of global sourcing — outsourcing, shared services and offshoring — are becoming entrenched business strategies, to the point of giving rise to a new era of collaborative partnering.

To navigate today’s complex sourcing options, organizations need to apply the same rigor necessary for all strategic business operations, to the evaluation, management and execution of their outsourcing commitments.

At PwC, we differentiate our approach by embedding aligned areas such as accounting, tax, governance, and risk and control into the sourcing activity. We work with you from initial strategy to termination or renegotiation.