Inspiring new possibilities in Financial Services, Retail & Utilities with PwC and Oracle

PwC is sponsoring three industry tracks during Oracle Industry Connect conference on March 25-26, 2014 in Boston, MA. PwC will share deep domain expertise, insights, and industry-specific best practices for Financial Services, Retail, and Utilities.

The Financial Services Program at Oracle Industry Connect

Oracle Industry Connect’s program for the financial services industry delivers unparalleled insight, critical analysis, and clarity to reshape the financial services and insurance landscape. The program includes discussions on the impact of transformation and modernization efforts, current industry trends, such as how banks and insurers have begun building shared finance and risk platforms as well as publishing risk weighted performance measures. Register Now!

Financial Services Thought Leadership

The Retail Program at Oracle Industry Connect

The speed of innovation and growing consumer expectations are driving retailers to deliver on the strategy of “Commerce Anywhere.” Consumers expect to interact and engage with a retailer everywhere. Oracle Industry Connect’s retail program is designed and developed to enable retailers to share experiences across the community as we move toward the industry goal of Commerce Anywhere.

To create and sustain a world-class experience wherever your brand engages with consumers companies need to focus on three imperatives.

Connected Interactions: Connect customer interactions seamlessly across channels and touchpoints with powerful commerce and stores solutions.

Actionable Insight: Enable smarter decisions by connecting siloed sources of data and embedding business intelligence with planning and optimization solutions.

Optimized Operations: Align every aspect of your business to gain efficiencies and economies through best-of-breed merchandise, operations, and management solutions.

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Retail Thought Leadership

The Utilities Program at Oracle Industry Connect

The Oracle Industry Connect utilities program brings together utilities thought leaders to companies plan, navigate, and execute business strategies. At the conference companies will gain access to more than 15 utilities-led sessions that showcase best practices, deployment of the latest Oracle Utilities solutions, new innovations, trends, and discussions by utilities, for utilities Register Now!

Utilities Thought Leadership