Inspiring new possibilities in High Technology and Customer Data Management with PwC & Oracle

Turn Data to Action: Make YOUR Customer Data an Asset Instead of a Burden

Companies working in a B2B, Multi-Tiered environment today have the daunting task of gathering and managing an increasing amount of customer data. Inaccessible and unusable data is a missed opportunity to understand your business, serve your customers better, and drive revenue growth. Learn how PwC and Oracle work with clients to provide the ability to better gather, manage and collaborate on this information, as well as drive insight to action to reduce latency in the decision making process.

Join PwC & Oracle for an afternoon to address the challenges companies are facing today, sessions include:

  • Keynote address by PWC on Ambient Data: Connecting Customer Information Assets to Drive Corporate Profitability and Growth in the High Tech Industry
  • Customer 360 in a Service Environment: learn how they have consolidated all customer service, entitlement and warranty information for their service agents
  • Master Data Management: Learn how to create a hub for all customer information, giving insight across the enterprise
  • POS Data Collection: Hear best practices on collecting and providing deep POS information in multi-tiered selling environment
  • Fail-safe Customer Data Screening to Enable Trade Compliance: Learn how companies are efficiently screening Customer Data for Restricted Parties and deploying robust and fail-safe Export Compliance Solutions

Customer Data Management - Align insight and action, Reduce Operating Costs, React faster to competitive pressure and above all, Drive GROWTH!

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We look forward to seeing you there!