Enable growth through innovation

A multi-path approach

Growth can be elusive in today’s economy. Global markets seem stuck in a relatively low gear, and many traditional business models are waning as new market participants and technologies redefine worldwide commerce. But successful firms seize the opportunity to drive growth on multiple paths: new markets, new products, new services, new channels and supply chains, and a new customer experience. In short, the business and operating model itself may change. CEO’s are seeking more from operational leaders than holding the line on costs—they’re also asked to create value and contribute to growth.


The most innovative companies are predicting growth of 62.2% over the next five years


97% of CEOs see innovation as a key priority for growth.


Only 10% of CEO’s see their companies as Innovation Leaders.


64% of CEOs see neither innovation nor operational effectiveness as being dominant in achieving success—they are looking to succeed at both!


Innovation rises up the CEO agenda.

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While the focus of innovation has broadened well beyond the product, a high-output and reliable product innovation engine remains at the heart of long-term success. Leaders are “innovating how to innovate” in order to increase the quality, volume and velocity of new products and services.

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