Now is the time for operational leaders to step up to the stage and become a linchpin in achieving company profitability and growth goals. Sound operations management transcends daily business requirements and builds competitive advantage. This is a much bigger vision than just being a cost-effective business enabler. It requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and global cost structures.

Competitive manufacturing Optimized capital portfolios and assets Strategic supply management Progressive service operations Differentiated supply chains Enterprise-wide operations excellence Innovation and development excellence Advantaged Operations

Competitive manufacturing

We help clients:

  • Develop a robust, business-driven manufacturing strategy
  • Focus on differentiating core capabilities
  • Break down silos to improve the end-to-end global value chain, improving the manufacturing and logistics footprint
  • Define the right operating system that is required to run, manage and change manufacturing
  • Drive competitive advantage through smart manufacturing

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Optimized capital portfolios and assets

We help clients:

  • Critically assess portfolio mix and improve alignment with strategy
  • Manage major projects and programs to budget, time and quality
  • Balance asset maintenance, cost and risk objectives while building capabilities
  • Implement Integrated Asset and Work Management and Analytics capabilities
  • Refine end-to-end process of commissioning and decommissioning complex projects
  • Apply leading practices in maintenance and operations to improve uptime, cost and customer service

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Strategic supply management

We help clients:

  • Transform procurement into a strategic, holistic and commercially focused capability
  • Build the appropriate operating model – organization, processes and governance
  • Bring category experience to rapidly realize cost savings while improving supply performance
  • Enable decision making and implementation of mission-critical, complex outsourced services and capital programs
  • Build sustainable, strategic and competitive relationships with healthy suppliers
  • Influence design specifications, helping our clients to increase ingenuity, innovation and value
  • Manage supplier performance and risk, increasing value throughout the contract lifecycle

Progressive service operations

We help clients:

  • Deliver efficient and effective customer service that supports both revenue and profitability goals
  • Integrate customer engagement, service and operations for a distinctive customer experience
  • Fulfill their service mission
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Identify and embed the key capabilities and information technology necessary for successful and consistent execution

Differentiated supply chains

We help clients:

  • Design and build supply chains that deliver superior performance and competitive advantage
  • Define the supply chain strategy market-back to align capabilities and assets with the customer value proposition
  • Identify and embed the key capabilities and information technology necessary for successful and consistent execution
  • Establish ongoing monitoring, performance management and planning to manage risks and drive continuous improvement
  • Achieve growth, cost, asset efficiency and sustainability goals while also delivering superior customer service

Enterprise-wide operations excellence

We help clients:

  • Design an operating model that enables achievement of business goals and strategy
  • Focus the entire organization on fitness for growth, operational efficiency and profitability
  • Mobilize large, complex operational excellence programs to produce rapid results and sustainable performance improvement
  • Apply insights from customers, processes and technology to drive continuous improvement

Advantaged Operations

We help clients:

  • Assess operations capabilities
  • Gain competitive advantages to drive business growth
  • Design operating models for successful business strategies
  • Leverage leading technologies and digital business models
  • Assist in the implementation of sustained, self-funding programs

Innovation & development excellence

We help clients:

  • Identify unmet customer needs to drive top line growth
  • Grow faster and more profitably by transforming innovation and development capabilities
  • Manage and prioritize the R&D portfolio to support business strategy
  • Bring differentiated offerings to market more rapidly and efficiently
  • Leverage global R&D strengths and scale new products and services globally
  • Implement enabling technologies and management systems

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PwC’s global operations practice connects clients’ strategies with execution. We start with the premise that operations can and should be a strategic asset, and we bring the industry, functional and technology depth required to rapidly close the gap between ideas and results. Whether it’s innovating to drive growth, strategically reducing costs, improving operational flexibility, managing risk, improving capital efficiency, complying with complex regulatory requirements or realizing deal value, we have what it takes to be your partner of choice.