Total tax contribution

The amount of tax paid by large companies has attracted considerable public attention in recent years. Discussions of whether corporations pay their “fair share” of taxes generally focus exclusively on corporate income tax payments. However, companies are subject to a wide variety of other business taxes, which typically have little visibility in financial reporting.

In response, PwC has developed the Total Tax Contribution (TTC) framework, designed to help companies identify and communicate their true tax contribution, either in a particular country, or on a global basis. TTC evaluates all business taxes paid by a company, making a distinction between those paid and borne by the company and those collected on behalf of government. The framework also measures the costs incurred by companies in complying with these tax payment obligations.

Our TTC framework can help you gain a clear understanding of your company's overall tax contribution, allowing you to monitor and manage taxes, make better informed business decisions, and communicate your company’s total contribution in taxes to stakeholders.

2008 US survey with Business Roundtable

Access the results of the first TTC survey conducted in the United States with member companies of Business Roundtable.