Statistical & quantitative analysis

The volume of data available for business decisions have increased considerably. Too often, limited resource availability means a company’s data are not fully leveraged as a business asset, creating a competitive disadvantage.

As a result, organizations vying for market share are relying on quantitative and statistical analysis to make informed strategy decisions, to improve profits, to educate and influence various audiences, and to achieve legislative goals.

The NES team combines economics, statistics, and financial and economic modeling techniques to provide data-driven analytical services for a range of business challenges.

Areas in which NES applies statistical and quantitative analyses:

  • Credit scoring and risk management
  • Employment practices
  • Fair lending compliance for both mortgage and consumer loans
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Inventory controls
  • IRA modeling and patent inquiries
  • Securities litigation
  • Shareholder studies
  • Targeted marketing and customer relationship management
Statistical and quantitative techniques NES employs:

  • Cluster and factor analysis
  • Data extraction, warehousing, and mining
  • Regression and time series modeling
  • Sample design and extrapolation
  • Financial modeling
  • Non-parametric analysis
  • Statistical hypothesis tests
  • Survival analysis