What's new in 2014

  • Historical graphical information in both Surveys is expanded to include 7 years of key metrics – before and after the downturn in the economy.
  • Inclusion of base salary and bonus information for additional Administrative Managers in select functions are now collected within the LFSS.
  • The Technology ‘Hot Topic’ information within the LFSS has been updated and now includes the area of cloud computing services.
  • ‘Hot Topic’ information focusing on ‘New Partner Capital Buy-In’ and the ‘Treatment of Non-Equity Partners’ - previously included in the LFSS - will now be incorporated into our BRASSplus – Partner Management Report.
  • Additional graphical presentations of select metrics have been added to all three of the Report options within the BRASSplus.
  • The Cultural Awareness & Inclusion Scorecard (CAIS) Section 2 data form has been incorporated into the BRASSplus questionnaire. Section 2 was modified from previous years to include only select information. This year the spotlight will again focus on the success of recruiting women and minority attorneys, and programs for self-identified LGBT individuals and individuals with a disability.
  • The Law Firm Services Group will again host a series of complimentary weekly webcasts beginning in June. The webcasts will highlight rate and discounting trends for both a designated geographic location and practice group, and provide overall financial and operational trends for the stated location.