What's new in 2014

  • Revenue 360 Performance Analytics – a new Dashboard product is available which features key metrics from the BRASSplus Revenue Management Report. This desktop application is designed to allow multiple users at the Firm to interactively filter between both historical and current year benchmarks, across multiple comparison groups, multiple offices and multiple practice groups.
  • A new Report – titled the Snapshot Report – will be included with each BRASSplus Revenue Management Report ordered. This high-level graphical Report is designed to showcase the most referenced metrics (based on participant feedback).
  • Historical graphic information within both Surveys has been expanded to include 8 years of key metrics – before and after the downturn in the economy.
  • The BRASSplus has been expanded to now include information on Partner Admission Policies – the Partnership paths from both Associates and Lateral hires.
  • A new Practice Group has been added to BRASSplus – Government Contracts.
  • For those law firms that participate in both the LFSS and the BRASSplus, we are offering a set price option of $25,000 for any number of comparison groups or Report Types available from both Surveys. This includes our new Revenue360 Performance Analytics Dashboard.
  • Additional graphical presentations of select metrics have been added to all three of the Report options within the BRASSplus.