Law firm statistical survey (LFSS)

At a glance

The PwC Law Firm Statistical Survey (LFSS) is a consistently reliable source utilized in assisting law firm management with establishing solid business plans and strategies to stay on top of today’s challenging financial and operational issues.

Download: Law firm statistical survey (LFSS)

The PwC Law Firm Statistical Survey (LFSS) continues to be recognized as a leader in providing operational and profitability metrics to law firms since 1957.

During these continuing challenging economic times, law firm management seeks the tools necessary to assist them in their cost-cutting initiatives.

The Law Firm Survey staff is committed to providing detailed information and trends relative to staffing levels and expense management that can allow your firm to maintain a competitive market position.

Timing: Submissions for participation in the LFSS are due on April 14, 2017. Results will be distributed on May 31, 2017. 

Fees: For those firms with greater than 100 attorneys, the base participation fee is $1,950 which includes one comparison group. Participants with less than 100 attorneys will receive a base participation fee of $995. Additional comparison groups are billed at $400 each.

Why you should participate

  • Obtain a comprehensive view of key operational metrics used by law firms: profitability, cost management, administrative compensation, benefits and staffing levels, leverage, cash management, and capitalization
  • Access to over 700 distinct comparison groups categorized by firm or office size, location, your individual peers, or other requested criteria
  • Receive comparisons to a strong participation base that last year included many of the largest, most profitable law firms
  • Assured to receive a thorough data review and validation process that preserves the integrity of the published results.