Law firm benchmarking

For almost 60 years, the PwC Law Firm Services Group has provided premier law firms with comprehensive benchmarking information on a broad range of management topics that confront law firm leaders.

Participation in our benchmarking program can allow your firm to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of its position in the market
  • Identify potential opportunities to improve profitability
  • Make better informed strategic decisions

PwC produces two distinct Survey offerings - the Billing Rate & Associate Salary Surveyplus (BRASSplus) and the Law Firm Statistical Survey (LFSS). Benchmarking results from each Survey are organized into Reports targeted to the firm managers responsible for taking action.

Our goal is to present the benchmarking information in a streamlined fashion that will minimize analysis time, reduce possible misinterpretations, and more easily identify opportunities to improve firm performance.

All of our Reports include summary graphical presentations of key metrics designed to highlight the firm's historical competitive position relative to a group of peers.

Survey Products/Reports Available

The Revenue Management Report

The Revenue Management Report
Provides a wide range of metrics on the four core areas of revenue management - rates, realization, hours, and leverage.

This Report contains information to better understand directionally where the firm has performed compared to its peers and identify potential opportunities to increase revenue.

Revenue360 Performance Analytics Dashboard

Revenue360 Performance Analytics Dashboard
The Dashboard features key metrics from the Revenue Management Report.

The desktop application allows multiple users at the Firm to interactively filter between both historical and current year benchmarks across multiple comparison groups, multiple metrics and multiple attorney groups. All of the visualizations created can be saved and/or printed for further review and analysis with Firm Leaders.

The Talent Management Report

The Talent Management Report
The Talent Management Report (TMR) is a two-pronged Report that contains information on associate compensation and bonus levels, as well as a Section dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion metrics.

The Diversity section includes metrics not only focused on the demographics of your attorneys but, more importantly, on the utilization levels of attorneys delineated by gender and race.

The TMR also includes information on Firmwide Diversity initiatives/programs geared towards women, minorities and Self-Identified LGBT Individuals.

Talent360 Performance Analytics Dashboard

New in 2016 – Talent360 Performance Analytics Dashboard
This new product will be similar in functionality to our Revenue360 Dashboard, but will feature metrics contained within the TMR.  The Dashboard will be complimentary for any Firm that orders the Revenue360 Dashboard.

The Partner Management Report

The Partner Management Report
Includes key metrics on the business owners of the firm such as compensation, capital, utilization, retirement policies, benefits, turnover, and the treatment of newly appointed Non-Equity Partners.

This Report has been expanded to now include information on Partner Admission, Lateral Hiring & Turnover metrics.

Each BRASSplus participant will receive a complimentary Partner Management Report for any selected ‘peer’ group.

The Senior Administrative Leaders Compensation & Staffing Report

New in 2016 - The Senior Administrative Leaders Compensation & Staffing Report
This new Report will provide meaningful information on the base salary and bonus levels for the Senior Administrative Leaders, as well as supervisory positions across the entire Firm.

The Report will also contain information on the staffing levels across all administrative functions.

The Finance & Operations Report

The Finance & Operations Report
Includes information on many key performance metrics that drive firm profitability such as expense management, administrative staffing levels and compensation, and cash management.

A supplemental Detailed Operations Report will accompany each Report and provide additional levels of detail for select operating expenses.