Integrated global structuring

Global markets, new business models, ever-changing operating and regulatory environments, competition, liquidity concerns, the impact of culture, the pace of change—and the influence of new information technologies on them all—have made the efficient management of a business on a global scale more complex than ever.These dynamic factors cause tax planning and compliance for multinational companies (MNC’s) to become more complicated, making it necessary to address and manage multiple intricacies on a global scale.

MNC’s recognize that to manage these complexities, and to achieve and sustain a competitive worldwide effective tax rate, they need global tax strategies that fully aligned with corporate strategy, planning, and operations—rather than treat tax as an outcome of such strategies to be managed "down-stream." The development of an integrated global structure is designed to marry a comprehensive tax strategy with the strategic and operational imperatives, yielding a structure that meets strategic goals while achieving and sustaining and competitive worldwide corporate tax rate.