From farm to fork, can you track your food?
Food crises are increasing. Companies are losing money and customers are losing faith. In this publication we discuss how the food industry can step-up to the challenge of greater traceability and transparency.

Food trust: Giving customers confidence in your food
See what we are doing to help the world's leading food companies improve their processes to enhance standards, reduce risk and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Food trust: From compliance to competitive advantage
A surge in food safety failures has spiked consumer concerns and prompted increasing regulation worldwide. This publication focuses on The US Food Safety Modernization Act, which will begin to impact companies this year.

Tackling food fraud
The challenges involved in combatting fraud are complicated by the many opportunities for food adulteration and the complexities of today’s global and multitiered supply chains. Learn how companies are responding.

Enhancing food recalls
This paper discusses the challenges companies often face when faced with product recalls and provides strategies that help minimize those barriers while addressing the recall quickly and efficiently.

Enhancing supply chain resilience
Today’s supply chains are complex and global, with many companies experiencing regular disruptions and increasing regulation. Read more about understanding the key risks of your supply chain and the impact of their failure on your organization's performance and what steps your organization can begin to take to turn your supply chain risks into a competitive advantage.

Supplier risk management
Properly managing supplier risk is more important than ever with the growing number of third party vendor suppliers to avoid negative impact to your brand. In this paper we outline the benefits of using a supplier risk management framework that not only offers increased levels of control; it can also help your organisation maximise value.

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act:The President signs the most sweeping over­haul of food-safety legislation since 1938
On January 4, 2011, President Obama signed into law the most sweeping overhaul of food safety legislation since 1938. The attached Point of View outlines some of the significant features of the new legislation and how it will impact industry companies.

Point of View: The Changing Food-Safety Landscape
Strengthening their food-safety cultures can help companies respond quickly to new requirements and expectations. In this second piece in the Food Safety POV Series, we discuss how a holistic approach combined with a strong food-safety culture can better position companies to address today’s changing environment.

Point of view: Exporting food to the US Point of View: Exporting food to the US
Exporting food to the US: US regulators take a risk-based approach to imported food.Stepped-up scrutiny by the US government could trigger higher standards and stronger incentives to ensure food safety.