Food trust.

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Giving trust in the world’s food. Our food supply and integrity services.

From farm to fork, you’ve come to the best place to build trust in your food.

Enhancing trust in food is among the most complex problems that business and society must solve, but it is also one of the greatest opportunities for food companies that get it right.

With our fully integrated suite of food supply and integrity services, we’ll help build the resilience, agility and reputation of your organisation into a competitive advantage.

Basic fundamentals of trade and food supply are being tested, as globalisation and increasingly complex supply chains create food trust risks on an industrial scale.

Food trust: From compliance to competitive advantage

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We are what we eat. But can we trust the food we’re eating? Here are the big changes we’re seeing in the food industry.

Top 10 food supply and integrity issues

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How we can work with you

Our food supply and integrity services give a breadth of expertise not usually combined in a service offering to address the urgent need for a fully integrated service offering.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can put our many years of experience, knowledge and relationships to work for your benefit. Together, we’ll help you give people greater trust in your food.

  • Building Trust: Focus on food safety culture, ethics and compliance
  • Growth strategy: Strategic growth planning, deal consulting, due diligence
  • Food fraud: Food fraud diagnostics, planning and investigation and response
  • Food safety system and traceability: Process and technology supporting traceability of product from farm to fork
  • Regulatory: Compliance and process support related to regulatory requirements
  • Supply chain integrity: Supplier, product and network optimization
  • Crisis management: Product recall services and crisis response