Data to watch

As the Eurozone works to resolve its crisis, there are a number of short- and long-term factors businesses should consider to remain resilient during these volatile times. Our charts take a closer look at key business and financial indicators to watch.

Business environment

Short-term: Concerns in Eurozone about direction of economy
Europeans are expressing discomfort about the Eurozone's direction. Some things businesses should consider for the short-term include revenue sensitivity, supply chain issues, plans for civil unrest and preparing talent for potential changes.
Long-term: Eurozone growth expected to be uneven, volatile
With Eurozone growth expected to be uncertain, some of the long-term considerations businesses should take include monitoring the competitive landscape and reviewing strategies.

Financial environment

Short-term: Eurozone periphery yield premiums demonstrate high risk
In light of the Eurozone debt crisis, it's suggested that businesses consider their euro assets and credit and hedging strategies—and that they assess their contracts and tax implications of currency gains and losses. What else should they consider?
Long-term: Capital flows from Eurozone periphery
With the Eurozone periphery needing capital for ongoing strength, what are the long-term considerations companies should take regarding credit?