Realizing ERP value

Decrease operational cost and increase business agility while reducing the complexity of key ERP systems — without going back to "square one"

As global economic turmoil jolts consumer and investor confidence and roils markets around the world, companies are taking significant and sometimes dramatic action to weather the storm. Some are reducing headcounts — while trying to ensure the continuity of key operations with fewer resources.Others are shedding non-core businesses to stem losses or reduce risks. And many are seeking to better manage costs and squeeze efficiencies from critical business operations.

All of these priorities, and others, depend in some measure upon the current state of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems — systems with versions that are frequently out-of-date, poorly aligned with recent changes in the business or at risk of losing vendor support.As some executives slide into reactive, "fire-fighting" mode, others are pressing for advantage. After all, the greatest shifts in market share often occur during economic downturns. ERP-enabled business change can unlock enormous opportunities. Not just right now — when survival may be the first order of the day — but later, when markets come roaring back.