Driving efficiency through shared services

The current economic slowdown is driving businesses to evaluate existing delivery models against various cost-cutting strategies. In reviewing those traditional models, companies may find a shared services center (SSC) is a more effective delivery option for their operational strategy — especially if they need to keep processes in-house.

Our research shows that an estimated 80% of the global top 2,000 organizations have deployed some level of shared services. For organizations using shared services centers, continued optimization not only generates additional savings, but also can create operational flexibility with the right strategy.Realizing the fundamental goal of achieving a higher quality of service at a lower cost requires more than just a one-off effort.

Companies that have already established an SSC are confronted with a number of challenges, both internal and external. Our performance and process improvement professionals can help your organization with human resources, information technology, and finance and accounting functions. In combination with our project managers, PwC can help bring together the elements that drive efficiencies for your shared services center to meet these challenges.