Data & identity theft publications

10Minutes on data & identity theft
The risk of data and identity theft is on the rise. 10Minutes on data and identity theft discusses key risk indicators of data and identity theft vulnerability and explains why having strong data safeguards in place can help secure a company's reputation, competitiveness, and financial well-being.

Global state of information security survey 2011
In the aftermath of the worst global economic jolt in thirty years, information security confronts a new economic order. So it isn't surprising to discover this year that executives across industries and markets worldwide have been reluctant to release funding supporting the information security function. We asked more than 12,800 CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CISOs, CSOs and other executives responsible for their organization's IT and security investments in 135 countries.

Data loss prevention
An increasing number of high-profile data security breaches have made headlines. These events can not only expose a business to costly and devastating legal ramifications, they can severely denigrate a brand—sometimes to the point of disrepair. Point solutions don‘t work. For data loss prevention (DLP) to be effective, companies must decide on the right strategy, engage the right people, target the right data, and employ the right technology.

Focus on risk, and compliance will follow: Meeting the challenges of PCI DSS
In response to an alarming increase in payment card theft and fraud, including high-profile incidents at multiple companies, the major credit card companies collaborated to develop the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to increase the protection of payment card information. This publication discusses an integrated approach that can create a more secure and efficient — as well as compliant — organization.

From people to process: Unlocking the value of identity and access management with Oracle technology
Assurance can be shaky, given the complexities of identity management. But one thing is certain: Yesterday's way of managing access doesn't work anymore. Fusing PwC's proficiency in enterprise security with Oracle's suite of solutions, can deliver a robust, holistic solution that tames IAM's complexity.

Getting it right: Resolving the complexities of identity and access management
Diverse requirements of IAM have left many organizations with an IT infrastructure that resembles an incomplete puzzle: Some applications and solutions fit and interlock, while others are askew or absent. To assemble the pieces of the puzzle, companies must create a holistic, centralized IAM solution that aligns with the existing IT platform, regulatory needs, and business goals. Only then can they resolve the challenges of identity management.