Data & Identity theft issues

Key challenges
  • US private company data and identities are increasingly at risk of theft
  • Data is portable, and can be easily transferred and replicated — once distributed, all subsequent media are potential breach points
  • Economic incentives to commit counterfeiting and piracy activities contributed to the growth in data and identity theft in recent years
  • Shifting business models that emphasize collaboration with 3rd parties make traditional protection methods inadequate
  • Compliance is merely the minimum level of security needed
What you should be considering
  • Where is your most sensitive data and who has access to it?
  • What regulations and standards apply to your data?
  • Do your safeguards alert you to ongoing security threats?
  • Do your employees, customers, and business partners understand their role in protecting sensitive information?
  • Do your safeguards provide data with end-to-end protection, including mobile devices?
Key impacts
With a security strategy in place,
  • Organizations gain more control over sensitive data
  • Reduce the cost of data breaches
  • Achieve greater visibility into how data are used throughout the organization
  • Helps to secure a company's reputation, competitiveness, and financial well-being