Cloud computing is a strategic journey

A cloud computing strategy is about enabling business agility. PwC expects businesses to migrate more and more of their internal technology to cloud computing over time. The model is compelling; cloud computing can improve flexibility, scalability and cost management. Businesses best able to realize the potential will establish a cohesive business strategy as cloud computing can transform your entire organization — people, processes, and systems. If executed well, this journey can pave the way for significant cost savings, optimized business processes, and improved controls for cloud computing users. For technology providers, cloud computing can provide an opportunity for new revenue streams, mission critical service offerings, and superior brand recognition.

PwC is committed to helping you move strategically to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing, either as a user of cloud services or as a provider. Identifying and implementing your cloud strategy involves all aspects of your business and requires that you think through the implications to the obvious, as well as not so obvious, functional areas.




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