Who does insurance modernization impact?

March 2014
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Who does insurance modernization impact?

At a glance

Insurance modernization will impact almost everyone in the organization; they will need to understand how they will be impacted and with whom they need to interact.

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Insurance modernization will impact nearly every stakeholder within your organization. These stakeholders may have:

  • Varying levels of understanding about the modernization’s impacts
  • Differing priorities, depending on the people, process and technology issues they deal with personally
  • Considerable responsibilities during one or more phases of the transformation.

Establishing a governance structure early on is critical for engaging and leading stakeholders. We suggest a governance model that includes a project sponsor to lead efforts, a steering committee and core working team, a project management office and supporting subject matter specialists.

Consequently, providing them an understanding of all real and potential issues is imperative. All stakeholders will need to understand the ways in which they will be impacted and the various internal functions and individuals with whom they should interact.