Insurance business strategy

Are you prepared for the future?

  • Can you quickly and decisively respond to important new challenges and opportunities?
  • What will your markets look like, who will be your most important customers and competitors, and how are customer expectations likely to change?
  • How can you get closer to customers and better understand their needs?
  • Is your business nimble and innovative enough to compete with the mobile companies, internet providers, and other new entrants that are making inroads into the market?

PwC’s Marie Carr, Anand Rao, and Jamie Yoder explain in detail how insurers are building a competitive advantage in our Insurance 2020 & Beyond video series.

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PwC helps insurers redesign and improve their businesses, increase market presence, and enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our services include:

  • Defining growth strategies to capture marketshare.
  • Designing operating models to reduce complexity and improve effectiveness.
  • Creating operational and technology strategies to improve market responsiveness.
  • Developing and improving direct distribution capabilities and integrated multi-channel strategies.
  • Exploring new capabilities that online strategies enable.
  • Driving customer-driven innovations and product speed-to-market.
  • Enhancing analytical capabilities and seeking new insights to create an information advantage.
  • Transforming core operations and platforms to improve operating leverage, market agility, and operational effectiveness.