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A changing business model

There are transformational changes on the horizon that are putting existing insurance business models at risk. The insurers that adapt will focus keenly on the customer, build their analytical capability, and have a superior capacity for innovation and reinvention. They’ll also be able to anticipate – not just react to – change, and be nimble enough to quickly capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Businesses that fail to respond could find themselves priced out of the market, falling short of customer expectations, and under threat from aggressive new entrants.

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As the leading provider of professional services to insurance companies (including 38 of the 40 insurers in the Fortune 500), PwC has extensive knowledge of the issues, trends and challenges that insurers face, including:

Operational modernization: An imperative, not just a "nice to have"

New and rigorous regulatory expectations, increasing stakeholder demands for more timely and relevant information, changing accounting standards, and improvements in analytics are compelling insurance companies to re-evaluate their business model and operations.

Accordingly, finance, risk and actuarial functions - and the processes and systems underlying each - are facing the need to modernize in order to provide the quality of financial reporting, risk management, and actuarial analysis that meets complex internal, regulatory, and market demands.

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